Wool and natural fibre carpets at Eric Gilbert Carpets Sheffield

We stock a huge range of plain and textured carpets in both wool, natural and man-made fibres. A wide variety of carpet samples can be viewed in our showroom in Sheffield, and are available for you borrow so that you can view them in your own room setting.

We supply and fit a wide range of domestic and commercial carpets in Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire. Our range includes plain and patterned carpets, striped carpets, stain free carpets and low tog carpets (for use with underfloor heating).

Why consider carpets for your home or business premises?

  • A huge choice of colours, textures and designs to suit modern or traditional rooms
  • Warm and luxurious underfoot, providing a soft non-slip surface, and helping to insulate your room
  • Carpet absorbs sound, and is silent to walk on
  • Practical and hard wearing, carpet doesn't scratch, scuff or splinter
  • Clean air. Carpet acts as a filter, trapping airborne dust until it is removed by vacuuming - unlike smooth floor coverings, where dust is disturbed with every draught of air.

Stain Free & Easy Clean Carpets

Smartstrand easy clean carpet

We offer several carpet brands which reject stains and are easy to clean. The anti stain technology prevents spills from entering the carpet fibre, so that quick cleaning can remove the spill before it stains the carpet. View Kosset Smartstrand and Cormar Easyclean carpets in our showroom.

Carpet Fitting Service

Our experienced team of carpet fitters work exclusively for us, and we guarantee all our carpet fitting.

Low Tog Carpets

Combining the comfort of carpet with the practicality of underfloor heating is possible with our range of low tog carpets. Our fitters can use suitable underlay and adhesives for fitting carpets with underfloor heating.

Natural Fibre Carpets

In addition to our huge range of wool carpets, we also stock natural fibre carpets from Crucial Trading, such as seagrass, coir, jute and sisal in beautiful natural colours. Each material can also be made into unique rugs, please see for more details.

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